jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

For those wondering and asking, I did get home safely on Wednesday morning about 3am. Went to the doctors yesterday and the best theory they have is that I have a tear in the lining of my esophagus, which is where the blood was coming from. A virus on top of that just kind of kicked my system while its down. As of today, I am not throwing up. Coughing now and then pretty hard, but I cannot get rested. I have slept a lot but do not feel better, in fact worse. Its like my battery pack fell out so I wont recharge. Please pray for this! Its minor in the scheme of things, so I am grateful for that! God has a plan. Ill do my best to fulfill it!

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Today started out pretty well. Got up early with Oscar and Geo and fixing sprinklers and doing yard work. A group came in shortly after and we greeted them and made them at home. However my day turned around has i have thrown up blood twice now and am being sent back stateside. Please pray that this is nothing major! It is very frustrating not knowing what the issue is but even more frustrating have to leave after all the work it took to get here! I dont want to to leave but if thats what must happen so be it! God has a plan.

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Woke up early this morning to see a gorgeous sunrise. The sun rising from behind the mountains on the opposite side of the lake is an incredible sight! Drove into town with Oscar this morning and did some errands for the camp and some grocery shopping for myself and for a poor family that we delivered food too. We drove by the dump where a lot of people "work". It took about 2 seconds (literally) for the tears to start flowing. It's not the same as seeing pictures on tv or hearing stories. I wasnt even in the dump yet and I had already been broken for these people. I don't even have to interact with the people to see how much different our lives are. We will be stopping there one of the next few days. I seriously want you all to see this first hand. It just reminds me that so many of the things we invest our time and money in back home aren't real. Its so evident when God moves in the lives of these people. It takes a stubborn person to deny it. Someone more stubborn than myself and I know I can write a lot of those things off sometimes. We live in a blessed country in the states, but that also can distract us from seeing God move. This has opened my eyes to what God has been doing in my life and how to look for it as it happens when I return. Go God!

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

I have to share this cool story!
       I have had the entire camp to myself all day and was able to spend quite a good chunk of time reading my spanish / english new testament down on the stairs leading to the beach. A man walked by carrying his daughter, asleep in his arms, head on his shoulder. This was very cute at first. A few minutes later after the man had past by, I noticed his footprints still in the somewhat wet sand as the wind off the enormous lake blew sand around just above them. This struck me hard as I remembered that not one person had passed me by, but two as he was carrying his daughter. I couldnt help but be reminded of the poem of the footprints in the sand! When the lord is asked why there is only one set of footprints, and he replies "the times you have seen only one set of footprints, are the times that I carried you." This broke me yet again. That moment where the sayings you have heard a million times are like new because of the impact they have on you suddenly! When I get tired and start to stray... he is still holding on to me. Counter intuitive if you ask me but I can't complain! What a gift! Keep breaking my heart Lord!
Welcome to Nicaragua Colby Adams. A bit different from Guatemala in general, but same poverty level. Much more scenic country side driving. Arriving at the camp is incredible. What is maybe a 10 minute drive along a winding road through crop fields of sugar cane, mango trees and rice fields, brings you to Campo Alegria. What a beautiful place! On the front side of the camp, fields of various crops, on the back side, a beautiful, huge lake. I plan to rest for today as I am exhausted and my head has been hurting since last night! More to come later in the day I'm sure! What a beautiful place to spend time with God!

sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

       Last night in Guatemala city after en entire week in San Pedro. Headed to the airport at 5am for Nicaragua for the month!
       Amazing how God has moved in the people of Guatemala and our team! Another classic case of how you go to serve, and in return you feel you have been served twice as much! I strive to have the faith day to day that you see so evidently in the lives of these people. Boy do I have work to do!
        I can't wait to see what God has in store for me this month in Nica! God has broken my heart so much this week alone, that I can't quite comprehend how he could do it anymore over the next month! But I know its coming! God is good! Please pray for your safety in my travel across the borders and my arrival in Nica. Please pray that God uses me to reach these people and really help people to see Gods impact in my own life and that he is truly the answer! I throw all my fears up to him and feel so relaxed even though I am headed into a foreign country with no one I know!

         Thinking of those I care about back home! And a fond farewell to the people I have spent an amazing week with in Guatemala. I love you all and have been blessed to get to know you all better!